The Black Sheep

We’re very lucky here to have the proximity to some of the best and most wonderful cafes and restaurants, that we do. Kloof Street is just 200m from the back of the Guest House, and from there one can walk up or down and find a host of exceptional places to eat and drink. It really gives credence to our namesake, Welgelegen, which means ‘well situated’.

But there is one restaurant in particular, which happens to sit directly opposite us. So close you can practically smell the cooking from the courtyard. So close you can hear the kitchen bell. Even though they don’t have one. Drifts of Kolhapuri lamb curry, roast polenta, ostrich with parsnip puree, chilli squid, seared rainbow trout, confit duck, and so on and so forth all waft through our imagination and pierce those taste buds as we eagerly book our guests in for their own experience. “What kind of food is it?”, a question often asked. “Well, it’s a blackboard restaurant, which means you’re going to get a lot and a lot of good that you get.” And indeed, every time, without fail, everyone does.

So when it’s our turn to put our names down and take to the table or the bar, or the counter by the window, or the upstairs loft reclining area – so many choices – we skip across the road and take choice from the board.

The style of the place, from the floors to the green Mercedes Benz back seat benches, copper tree on a fridge, brick and books, high ceilings…it’s perfectly simple yet all encompassing. Nina on the phone or at your table, Jorge on the floor, Jonny in the kitchen. Who’s the black sheep in this family? All of them. And their team. For making this spot what it is to Kloof Street. And what it is to us.

But enough of the cloak and dagger, we are of course talking about The Black Sheep.