Ocean Revival

The other night we went out for a lovely dinner at La Parada, noshing happily on tapas and sipping merrily on pinot noir/chardonnay. But as we filled up and the stream of ham croquets and prawns and calamari and patatas bravas stopped, the flow of delicious wine did not. We’re also human, you know, and we do love the grape! And so it was rather late when a warm, fuzzy head was put to the pillow, and needless to say, in the morning it was less of the warm and more of the fuzzy. So we needed a fast cure for a decadent evening on Bree, and the only thing for it really is to dive into the ocean!

We arrived at Bakoven and the sun was sidling behind an obnoxious cloud creeping over the mountain, turning the air cool and the sea dark. But we didn’t falter, and grabbed the towels and headed for the stairs. Along the drive and from the top of the stairs, the ocean out past the rocks was rumbling, energetic, but as we skipped down to the sand, the water was calm and a clear aquamarine, lapping lazily at the shoreline. So it was a fast flurry of tops off and towels down, then a scurry into the water and…PLUNGE!

Well, we shot out like The Flash, cradling our insides, but once the cold ache dissipates, you’re left with a divine tingle on your skin, an immediately revitalised mind and in a considerably better state to take on the day.

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