Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts

We’re into November, and while summer seems to have settled in nicely with scorching sun and whipping winds, one of our favourite past times of this Season and unique to Cape Town will kick off Fresh on the 22nd with dazzling melodies and bright botanicals.

You might have guessed it: Freshly Ground opens up the start of this years Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts, and we’re helluva excited about it. As part of our 23 Days of Summer pledge, we’d like to include a more voracious attempt at attending the bounty of live music that Cape Town offers, especially the summer concerts at Kirstenbosch, since it’s just so damn lovely in the gardens.

We’ll be updating this space with splendid photographs and enthralling anecdotes of our summer dalliance with Melody and Flora.

Here’s a link to the Lineup of the Summer Concerts 2015/16 and if you are looking for somewhere to rest during your time here, contact Welgelegen Boutique Guest House.